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Please write your invitation’s content (text) here, so we will send you the final design of your invitation by e-mail for your confirmation.

* Invitation size 16x16
*Invitation; It consists of 3 parts as outer container, printing area and accessory.
* 230 gr (+, - 5) original black paspart paper in the outer container of the invitation card and 230 gr (+, - 5) in the inner card
glossy fancy paper was used.
* Offset printing technique has been applied on the inner card as the printing technique.
* If you have any questions about this product please contact us for more information.

"""  Process  """

-Choose your invitation on our shop: addressprint.com
-Choose quantity
-Add your personalization through textbox under the quantity section.
-After you fill the information above press Add to chart
-After your payment you can contact with us!.If you don't wan't
to contact with us enter your email address at the bottom of your
-We will send you the final design of your invitation by e-mail for your confirmation.
-While your invitations are being prepared you can relax and enjoy the moment.
-When your order is completed.We send you a message and a picture
of the products right before we send them.

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""" ♥ Love Conquers All ♥ """

-The More The Merrier
If you need more or different amounts please contact me for a custom price.

-Your Love Story
When your budget is low but you fell in love with our product as a couple feel free to contact us!
We will try to do our best to make this happen! Don't you forget Love Conquers ALL!

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